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2011-07-25 00:18:35 by DudeSkimmy

I finally went ahead and bought non-crappy headphones, and listening to my previous entries, I've realized how utterly devoid and empty they really are. Hopefully these headphones will help the music-making process.

Made a decision

2011-07-25 00:13:04 by DudeSkimmy

I've always been reluctant to go and work on music and put it here on Newgrounds because the quality of music on this site is far greater than I'm currently capable of, but I've decided that I'm going to forget about all of that and upload anything I make in the upcoming months.

I've rekindled my passion for music, and I feel that sharing the projects I make at home here can really help me become a great artist. I gotta start one baby step at a time.